Road Saws for Skidsteers and Compact Track Loaders

RoadHog high flow road saws offer high rates of production at a substantially lower cost per foot versus walk behind saws. Our saws are widely used around the US and abroad by paving contractors and municipalities for trenching projects, pothole repair, perimeter cuts for removal of large areas of asphalt and cuts for traffic loops sensors, fiber optics, wi-fi or other types of conduit based installations.

Utility and pipe contractors also use them to open trenches prior to repairing or replacing gas, water or sewer lines at a faster foot per minute rate and lower cost per foot versus a traditional walk behind saw.

Municipal customers include cities, townships, counties and state agencies engaged in pavement repair, and utility work.

Our two models high flow skidsteer RoadHog saws are offered in cutting depths of 0 to 18-inches or 0 to 10-inches. Cutting wheels offered in widths of 2.5, 3, 4.5 and 6-inches are available to meet many job requirements. All feature planetary reduction drives, which efficiently provides maximum cutting torque under load.

All saws utilize a ground-engaging frame, which provides accurate depth of cut control. In simple terms, the frame is in contact with the ground during the cutting operation, and the cutting wheel moves up and down within this frame, giving the operator the ability to maintain control of the cut.

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