Cold Planers for Skidsteers and Compact Track Loaders

RoadHog hydraulic cold planers offer high production at a substantially lower cost of small, dedicated milling machines. These machines are widely used around the U.S. and abroad by paving contractors and municipalities alike for small milling projects, which include pothole repair of city streets, removing failed pavement and milling curb lines prior to overlay.

Utility and pipe contractors use them to open trenches prior to repairing or replacing gas, water or sewer lines at a faster, lower cost per foot, versus a walk behind saw.

RoadHog cold planers are offered in cutting widths of 12 inches up to 48 inches. The 12 and 16 inch wide standard flow models operate on the skid steers auxiliary hydraulic system and offer a cutting depth of 5 inches. Depth and tilt control are manual, while sideshift is hydraulically controlled. These are well suited for those customers that have a lower volume of milling or own a skidsteer or compact track loader without high flow hydraulics, which is required for cold planers wider than 18 inches.

High flow skid steer RoadHog cold planers are offered in cutting widths of 18, 24, 30, 40 and 48 inches. All feature Fairfield planetary reduction drives, coupled to a Sauer piston motor, which efficiently provides maximum cutting torque to the cutting teeth.  We can build any one of these models, for any make and model of skidsteer or compact track loader equipped with high flow hydraulics.

Our high flow cold planers are available as G5 or G5HD ( heavy duty ) models. G5 models feature a 6 inch cutting depth, 5/8ths inch drum wall, 2.5 inch tooth standoff and independent depth skis that makes side-by-side lap cuts easy for any operator. Our G5HD  models also have independent depth skis, but are equipped with a 1.5 inch thick drum wall for added weight, thicker depth cylinder rods, a 5 inch tooth standoff ( which reduces drag )  and an 8 inch depth capability, suited for deeper pavement repairs.

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G5HD drum

G5HD drum